A Beginner's Guide to Industrial Accessories

A Beginner's Guide to Industrial Accessories

Industrial interior design schemes prioritise functionality, which means that every piece of furniture and every single accessory is present because it has a specific role to play within the space. Additionally, industrial design maintains a sense of simplicity in terms of its form to ensure that the materials used to craft and create each piece can be celebrated without distraction from superfluous flourishes that don't serve a specific purpose.

Crucially, industrial interior design is more than just another design trend. Instead, it is a timeless design style that will endure precisely because the simplicity that sits at its heart also delivers supreme versatility.

How can I incorporate industrial interior design accessories into my home?

One of the most exciting things about industrial design is its incredible level of versatility which means that industrial accessories can be incorporated into every style and design scheme, even if that is only in the smallest and most subtle ways.

If you're looking for ideas and inspiration as to how you could experiment with this timeless design style, we have put together a handful of our favourite pieces across several different design categories, including wall-mounted pieces and tabletop accessories that can be moved around your home depending on the mood or the occasion you are curating your space to accommodate.

Industrial Wall Clocks

The Skeleton Wall Clock from Libra is a striking industrial inspired design piece that makes it incredibly simple to create a show-stopping feature within your home. This oversized skeleton clock has an antiqued silver grey finish with a subtle patina and flashes of warm rusty hues, which gives an aged appearance that perfectly encapsulates a key facet of the industrial chic interior style. This is further enhanced with the use of Roman numerals in place of numbers alongside the simple, subtly aged black hour and minute hands.


industrial wall clock


As we have already learned, industrial interior design pieces are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of different rooms and design schemes. Here are just a few styling ideas that we hope will inspire you.

A Modern Kitchen Dining Space

The Libra Skeleton Wall Clock can be mounted on any wall within a spacious kitchen diner with ease, however it will perhaps make the best impression when it is placed behind a chic breakfast bar area either alone or alongside a selection of artwork or family photographs.

The subtle silver tones throughout the clock ensure that it will complement even the most modern kitchen designs, perhaps reflecting the tones present in taps, door handles, or cookware on display on open shelving. Conversely, its aged appearance also ensures this piece will sit beautifully within a functional, modern kitchen space with more overt mid-century or industrial design flourishes.

It is also possible to both enhance or minimise the impact of its visual statement simply by altering the colour of the wall upon which it is mounted. Placing it on a crisp white wall will be far more visually impactful than hanging it on a charcoal grey wall, however as it is an oversized piece with plenty of charming details that are certain to capture attention, you don't need to worry about it ever fading completely into the background.

A Mid-Century Inspired Home Office

With many of us working from home more frequently, searches for stylish home office spaces have soared in recent years. It is important to separate your working life from your home life insofar as possible to ensure you are getting enough downtime to avoid burnout. However, as it isn't always viable to have a completely separate home office space. Sometimes we need to employ design tactics to create distinctive zones or areas within a wider space.


skeleton clock


The Skeleton Wall Clock from Libra can play a key role in defining a dedicated working space, particularly when paired with sophisticated mid-century inspired furniture items and subtly aged silver accessories. So, for example, you might choose to hang this chic clock on a deep forest green wall behind a richly toned wooden desk and a beautifully designed leather office chair. From here, you could accessorise the space further with an antiqued silver desk lamp and a tray to help you keep any paperwork organised.

The exciting thing about this set-up is that it can be situated in a nook or corner of a variety of different rooms, from guest bedrooms to open-plan living and dining spaces. Moreover, selecting a desk with drawer storage will allow you to tidy everything away when you aren't working, which will give you space to unwind and enjoy your leisure time.

A Garden Room with an Industrial Twist

Having a space within your home that allows you to connect in some way with the outdoors can be hugely beneficial to your sense of wellbeing. However, designing a functional and beautiful garden room, conservatory or orangery isn't always straightforward.

In garden room spaces, it is often best to keep wall accessories to a minimum so as to avoid detracting too much from the outside views. A skeleton wall clock can be the perfect addition, particularly one that has an aged and almost weathered effect that will further enhance that connection with the elements and the natural world outside.

When styling the rest of the space, you can really let your creativity run wild and choose functional seating solutions that suit your style. One of the most advantageous elements of industrial accessories, particularly those that are constructed from a sturdy metal material, is that they juxtapose wonderfully with a selection of natural materials including bamboo and house plants. So, you could use this as an opportunity to invest in a beautiful, responsibly sourced bamboo seating set complete with plenty of plush cushions that will allow you to create an inviting retreat that is ideal for relaxation. You could then complete your space with a curated selection of sun and heat-loving plants housed in antiqued silver planters to tie both the natural and the industrial elements together.

industrial style clock

Industrial Wall Mirrors

Another must-have addition to any design scheme is a beautiful wall mounted mirror that can expertly reflect natural light into every corner of your space. There are an array of intricately designed wall mirrors out there, however some spaces call out for a simply designed piece with a sense of understated sophistication and this is exactly where the Boxley Antique Window Pane Mirror from Gallery Direct becomes an interesting and exciting prospect.

Merging the most aesthetically pleasing elements of traditional and contemporary design, the Boxley mirror is composed of several individual mirrored pieces which, together, resemble a striking traditional pane style window. Each mirrored piece sits neatly against its surrounding pieces without the need for additional supports to disrupt the seamless surface. The mirror is finished with a slimline antiqued silver frame around its entire perimeter, which embodies the pared-back heart of industrial design.

Similarly to the skeleton wall clock, the Boxley mirror can be styled to suit a variety of different spaces within traditional or decidedly more contemporary designs.

A Put-Together Guest Bedroom Suite

Many of us value having space within our homes for a guest bedroom, which allows us to host guests at a moment's notice. Guest bedrooms are an ideal location to experiment with industrial accessories and allow your creativity to run free, particularly as lesser-used spaces are the perfect place to get playful with your design choices.

industrial style mirror

Industrial inspired design and guest bedrooms go hand in hand, as it has an inherent simplicity which so often equates to the creation of a calming and restful ambience. The Boxley mirror can be positioned above an eye-catching mid-century style bed to instantly give a sense of light and spaciousness whilst drawing attention to the room's main feature. However the Boxley mirror can also be both a beautiful and intensely functional piece when positioned above a console or dressing table. Complete this functional area of the room with a complementary antiqued silver stool with a natural wood or leather seat.

A Chic Dressing Room

For everyone who gets enjoyment from playing with their personal style, a dressing room is a must. As well as a comprehensive and supremely functional storage system, every dressing room also needs a beautiful, large-scale mirror to allow you to put together the perfect outfit for every occasion and to ensure that every corner of the room gets enough natural light.

Simplicity often works beautifully in a dressing room, especially when a curated selection of functional and personal accessories are permitted to be the main feature. So, why not hang the beautiful Boxley mirror above a dressing table to create a unique space in which to prepare for the day or evening ahead? Then simply style with a selection of complementary antiqued silver decorative accessories, such as jewellery boxes and storage containers for cosmetics, fragrance, or fashion accessories.

An Interior Magazine Worthy Master Bathroom

When designing a master bathroom, lighting is key. During the day, many of the world's beautiful bathrooms are flooded with natural light with striking lighting solutions taking over after dark. The lighting in your bathroom can be significantly enhanced by the addition of a well-placed wall mirror and the Boxley is an intensely sophisticated choice with a clean, simple and modern silhouette.

Hang vertically alone above a crisp white enamelled sink complete with antique silver taps and accessorise the surrounding countertops with a selection of sleek metallic and glass accents. Alternatively, this versatile piece can also be integrated into a bathroom with warm antiqued gold or brass accessories, offering a touch of neutrality that the eye can rest on.

industrial style interior design

An Eye-Catching Entryway

The Boxley mirror can also be hung horizontally, making it an ideal addition to a long entrance hall. Hang by itself on a wall that has been finished with a bold deep blue or forest green wallpaper or paint to ensure your entryway benefits from enough light to showcase its architectural features.

The Boxley mirror can also be used to create a central entryway feature in several distinct ways. One option includes mounting it above a sleek console table which is used to house a selection of accessories, such as a dish to hold keys or a notebook and pen beside the main telephone. Opting for a deep toned wooden console table will amplify the mirror's industrial heart, however as it boasts a large reflective surface the Boxley mirror can also be paired with a contemporary glass console table to further amplify a sense of space.

Alternatively, to create an entrance hall to your home that instantly allows visitors to get an idea of your personality and personal style, use the Boxley mirror as part of a gallery wall style arrangement alongside smaller mirrors with different features and a selection of framed prints and photographs.

Versatile Industrial Interior Accessories

It is often the smaller interior accessories that help us to ensure that our homes both suit our lifestyles and reflect our design preferences. Candle holders and lanterns in particular are arguably one of the most useful versatile interior accessories, particularly because they allow us to create a very distinct atmosphere that can be tailored with ease to suit laid back evenings at home with family through to much more formal dinner party occasions.

The Preston Lantern from Olivia's has a gorgeous, rich antique matte black finish which has an element of rustic charm which contrasts beautifully with the simple lines of its silhouette. With an ability to instantly bring a touch of industrial design sensibility to your home, we are certain its classic shape will capture your imagination and provide you with creative inspiration as to how you might use this charming design piece within your everyday life.

industrial lantern

A Cosy Fireplace Nook

Whether you are looking to bring an additional layer of cosiness to a chilly winter's evening or you want to enhance the ambience of your summertime evening gathering, a lantern is a supremely useful design accessory to have within easy reach. A duo of Preston lanterns can be positioned on either side of the hearth alongside a roaring fireplace for some additional ambient light and cosy feel.

Alternatively, when the temperatures aren't chilly enough to call for a full fire, positioning a selection of differently sized lanterns around your fireplace filled with pillar candles of all shapes and sizes can set the perfect tone for romantic evenings in or intimate gatherings with your nearest and dearest.

A Dining Table Centrepiece to Remember

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or the time has come for you to host the next dinner party with your friends, your table centrepiece should be memorable for all the right reasons.

Taking inspiration from the seasons is an excellent way to approach designing your next centrepiece, with red berries and holly leaves creating a classic wintertime look and colourful flowers with delicate petals adding something extra special to a summertime gathering. However, while many centrepiece elements will change with the seasons, lanterns make a charming addition all year round.

The spacious interior of the Preston lantern means that it can be used to easily house several pillar candles at once, so take this opportunity to experiment with different heights and colours. Alternatively, you could also choose to illuminate your Preston lantern with softly twinkling fairy lights for a softer glow. Whichever style appeals most keenly to your design preferences, a selection of lanterns peppered around your table can complement the rest of your dining space lighting, helping to create a cosy and inviting ambiance that doesn't feel harsh or bright.

A Summertime Outdoor Gathering

When the weather starts to warm up, many of us start planning outdoor gatherings with our friends, family and loved ones. As there is nothing quite like a summer evening, clever lighting can help us to enjoy this precious time long after the sun starts to set. Lanterns can be positioned on patios or decking to create a cosy ambiance, on tables to enhance the outdoor dining experience, and to illuminate key garden features such as pathways, patio doors, and summer houses.

The integrated carrying handle on the Preston Lantern from Olivia's highlights the versatile nature of this design piece whilst also emphasising the functional and charming simplicity of industrial inspired design. Every design choice here has so clearly been made with functionality in mind, which creates a simple form that looks effortlessly stylish and will maintain its timelessness as other design trends come and go.

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