Velvet sofas are classy and timeless, having a velvet sofa in your home ups the cosy factor and adds an element of luxury to your interiors. Velvet sofas come in various shapes and colours and are key features in interior styles like Art Deco and Bohemian. Velvet is a high-quality fabric so has more of a rich depth to it compared to other materials like linen. If you are a lover of neutrals and minimal décor, or a colour enthusiast with maximalist taste. Velvet sofas can suit any room as they are versatile and either striking, or subtle depending on the colour and design. Here is a selection of velvet sofas you need in your life!


This classic mid-century modern esque design by Andrew Martin is stern and bold but has all of the luxury you’d expect from a velvet sofa. Being grey in colour has the added benefit of being easy to pair with other colours and a wide range of patterns. The dark wooded legs give it a retro look that is timeless in interiors, especially in Scandinavian and mid-century modern design. Pair with deep mustards and oranges for an old school look or go for navy accents for an on-trend addition to your home.



  1. The Modern one (Lazy Kaster Sofa by Liang & Eimil)

This style sofa with its rounded shape and neutral colour tone is a popular choice for 2021. It falls into the trend of curved shapes and natural earthy colours, and with-it being velvet in texture makes it a great stand out piece if you’re creating a layered look with lots of textures. This sofa looks great paired with beige tones, rattan material and pampas grass as neutral décor.


  1. The Bold one ( Liang & Eimil Bisset Baxter Sofa in Forest Green)


With its bold and attractive colour and solid birch wood legs, this beautiful velvet sofa will add ultimate luxury to any space and be the centre of attention. It has beautiful stitching with 50’s contoured channelling that really shows of its elegance. Forest greens are in, pair with dark shades for a moody vintage vibe, or add navy accents to modernise.


 4.The sleek one (Stella Black Sofa by Liv by Olivia’s)

This gorgeous large black sofa by Liv by Olivia’s is an interpretation of the traditional Chesterfield design. Upholstered in rich black velvet with matching tufted button detailing and also coloured black natural wood legs, it has a consistently dark aesthetic that can be paired with dark interiors and equally contrasted with pops of bright colour. This style can work well in a traditional setting with classic accent décor like brushed gold picture frames and deep floral patterns.




  1. The cool one (Eichholtz Lando Modular Sofa)


This is a sofa that is contemporary in design and can be used as a piece to build a bigger curved seating area or can be placed alone. With the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce fashioning similar style sofas in their recent Instagram content, this sofa style is a trendy and energetic piece to have in your home. It has a crisp white velvet finish that has a fresh and airy vibe, perfect for styling in a minimalist setting. Pair with similar shades if you like the Kim K mansion look or add black and white furniture and accessories along with it to get a classy monochrome aesthetic.

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