2022 Interior Design Trends

2022 Interior Design Trends

Last year we saw interior trends focus on home comforts, neutral colours and optimising outdoor spaces. This followed the same pattern of 2020 trends with the importance of comfortable home living. With more time spent at home over the past couple of years, we have been inspired to create a space that is deeply personal, and multifunctional for hybrid living. This year, we are seeing elements of past trends lead into 2022 with working from home continuing for some, and with unpredictable times ongoing, there is a need to surround ourselves with inspiring interiors, with pleasurable aesthetics and an overall warm and welcoming feeling to the home.

“Who wouldn’t want to design a room that feels like a warm hug?”

-Athena Calderone


So, what are the upcoming interior design trends for 2022? 

First up we have a trend that we have seen grow over the past couple of years. Biophilic design remains a strong focus for interior design inspiration. We have spent a lot of time reflecting on what is important in our day to day lives and keeping a connection to nature is key when it comes to creating a relaxing space to unwind.

Biophilic Design

 Biophilic design is a concept that allows for indoor spaces to be connected with nature, whether this is directly with live greenery and elements of the outdoors, or secondary, following a natural look using Scandi style woods and faux plants for a nature driven aesthetic. Biophilic design has multiple benefits on your overall wellbeing and can even aid in your mental wellness by increasing your levels of serotonin. We love that this trend is sticking around, and it is a design trend that is easy to achieve with simple additions to the home. If you are not a fan of the responsibility it takes to keep multiple plants alive but want to achieve more of a natural interior space, try opting for Scandi design elements, complemented with faux plants and foliage.

1. Grow floor lamp 2. Fenja planter simply taupe 3. Aloe wide leaf planter 4. Faux Fern hanging ball 5. Hanging Senecio with cement pot 6. Large black hanging plant holder 7. San Pedro brown large cactus 8. Madrid Open display


Curve appeal 

We all know by now how much impact the Kardashian family has on the world, whether you are a fan of them or not, there is no denying that they have an influence in world of fashion and beauty. With the viral home tour of Kim Kardashian west seeing a rise in minimalistic home inspiration, with clean, white, curvy furniture, it seems they are impacting interior design trends too. Curved furniture remains a trend focus for 2022, with the appeal based around the sleekness and beautiful look of curved furniture. Although boucle material is making its way out of the limelight, this trend is based on curves in all elements of home design, from curved sofas and dining chairs, to curvy coffee tables that give an overall soft look to a room.

1. Sasha sofa Boucle Sand 2. Bicaba coffee table black 3. Paradise boucle occasional chair 4. Talca coffee table antique edge set of  5. Berlin mink velvet occasional chair 6. Coppola Boucle Sand bench 7. Freud sofa cream 8. Dorothy occasional chair grey

Nowstalgia (Nostalgia-core) 

This is a trend that is complex in its design appeal. Following more of a gen-z inspired aesthetic, Nowstalgia or Nostalgia-core as it is often described is a highly personal, out there look that uses elements of wacky, mid-century modern pieces, mixed with personal treasures that evoke a reminiscence of past interior looks. Using a mix of bright pops of colour, vintage finds and peculiar patterns and shapes. This trend might not be to everyone’s taste but it is certainly on the rise with design inspiration seen all over Pinterest and Instagram. Check out @vivd on Instagram, a fashion stylist who incorporates this specific interior trend into her homestyle content, as well as @platformgarden who's interior style represents nowstalgia and its quirky appeal.

1. Limberg boucle taupe occasional chair  2. Sonora wall mirror brown 3. Alfama zebra print dining chair 4. Wham Bam occasional chair tangerine dream 5. Harley vase grey and green 6. Dog gold ornament 7. Nova glass stemmed bowl blue 8. Pixie desk lamp

 Multifunctional spaces 

In the UK, with home working still advised to those who are able to do so, there is an ongoing appeal to create a space that serves multiple purposes. You may not have separate rooms in your home where you can shut off your work area after the day is done, so this trend is all about creating an environment that provides a clean, focused space for work that can also transform into a relaxing area when it’s time to switch off from a busy day.

1. Milano Oak scandi bench 2. Cara modular sofa placido latte 3. Reach floor light 4. Skala desk lamp 5. Venosa swivel chair 6. Federico black stained oak with brass frame desk 7. Freda desk chair 8. Kingham ext 6-8 seater dining table