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Uncluttered, clean and simple; the minimal interior design trend cleanses your home for a peaceful outlook. Simplicity sits at the heart of minimal design, which is a style that embraces a "less is more" ethos. However, this clean aesthetic is often more difficult to achieve than initial impressions may suggest.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 341 Products
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What is minimal interior design?

The primary objective behind minimal design is to accentuate the best features of a space without leaving it feeling cluttered or fussy. It is a design style that goes hand in hand with functionality, as every single piece needs to earn its place in order to create a usable area that is as timeless as it is inviting.

Minimal interior design is so much more involved than simply selecting a handful of pieces and placing them within an entirely white room. Rather, it is essential that every single item works in harmony which requires cohesiveness across everything from colour to line and shape. Where does minimal design originate?

All forms of minimal design evolved from the minimalism movement prevalent in 1960s New York, which itself referenced the De Stijl circle of abstract artists from the Netherlands. De Stijl translates simply to "The Style" and its ethos was to communicate universal concepts via simplicity, abstraction and balance.

How to perfect your minimal interior?

If minimalism is a design style you are inspired to introduce into your own home, here are some of our top pieces of advice.

1. Be purposeful.  As there is an inherent purposefulness behind minimal interiors, it is essential to spend time really understanding what you need each space to provide. When putting together a living space that needs to be relaxing and functional, for example, you will likely need comfortable chairs in which to unwind, a table to place your drink, and a fireplace to keep warm in the colder months.

2. Prioritise restfulness.  Rather than creating a focal point that many other styles of design prioritise, minimal interiors don't have a single element that immediately draws the eye's attention. Instead of being a visually stimulating space, your minimal room must allow space for intense relaxation, so restfulness should remain at the forefront of your mind during the design process.

3. Seek out expert craftsmanship.  As minimal interiors contain relatively few features, each piece must display outward signs of superior craftsmanship and be constructed from quality materials that have their own visual language.

4. Play with texture.  Monochromatic colour palettes and minimalism are inseparable, however, this can quickly result in a lifeless and uninviting space. To ensure that your interiors feel welcoming and comfortable, introduce different textures and tones which will instantly give some extra warmth and have a softening effect on starker elements.

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