RV Astley Furniture & Interior Design

If you’re searching for timeless interior design, look no further than our collection of RV Astley here at Olivia’s. Established in 1971, their journey began sourcing and curating the likes of table lamps and furnishing accessories before building upon and branching out with their range, establishing the unique style and high-quality that you’ll find here today.

RV Astley Furniture at Olivia’s

Established in 1971, RV Astley is one of the best known interior design brands in the UK. With an extensive collection of homewares, lighting and furniture, the brand focuses on timeless interior design. Whether you’re looking for striking, statement pieces, or decorative everyday essentials, RV Astley is the perfect place to create your own design story.

The current RV Astley collection at Olivia’s includes an array of innovative pieces to suit all home styles. With an aim to offer the complete interior experience, you can find everything from RV Astley furniture such as tables, chairs and storage units as well as luxury lighting options and soft furnishings.

Over the years, RV Astley has become a brand renowned for taking a unique approach to design, styling and manufacturing. As each collection is released, the brand has achieved a greater reputation for excellence, driven by its own desire to offer the best possible experience. By staying true to their commitment to creating timeless, stylish and elegant pieces; RV Astley furniture can be found in high-end establishments and luxury homes across the country.

Discover the full RV Astley collection at Olivia’s today and choose a style that never goes out of fashion. For more interior inspiration, why not take a look at the latest picks from Jonathan Adler or Andrew Martin?