Curve Appeal

Curved furniture and accessories is an obvious trend for 2022, with the appeal based around the sleekness and beautiful look of curved furniture. From curved boucle sofas and occasional chairs to curvy coffee tables that give an overall soft look to a room.

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is one of this year's biggest interiors trends. Softer edges make for a comfortable, comforting space and as we've all been spending a lot of time at home over the past couple of years, that's become more important to us than ever. Curved furniture was huge in the 60s and 70s and this retro look is inspiring today's hottest interiors. It's all about luxury and comfort, and who doesn't want more of that in their life? Curves are something that can be adapted by minimalists and maximalists alike. Read on for our tips for including curved furniture in your home.

1. Soften curves further with the right colours

Curves are calming and they can be even more relaxing and serene in colours and tones that reflect natural elements, such as tranquil greens, sky blues and stone greys. Choose natural materials to further enhance this appeal with wood, cotton, wool and stone. Mix up the textures and create a real sensory treat.

2. Less is sometimes more

If straight lines are still very important to you, or it's just not practical to have curves throughout, consider creating a dedicated space for relaxation, such as a reading or meditation corner. Pick a round backed chair with curved edges, add some texture with a throw and cushions, add a houseplant nearby and hang a piece of inspirational art on the wall nearby to create a sanctuary in your home.

3. Curves are not just for living space

It's easy to focus on your main living space, but replacing all the furniture might not be practical. Perhaps a new, round coffee table is an easier update than a new three piece suite! When it comes to other rooms, think about the updates you can make. A round bed would be unusual - not to mention a significant investment - but a headboard with rounded edges is very achievable. Round rugs are an easy, simple update.

4. Accessorise with curves

It's not just your furniture that drives the trend. Let curves create the mood and accessorise well. We're thinking lampshades or bases, mirrors, even ornaments. Create some visual interest and a focal point with a striking piece that can inspire more curves as you go.

Remember, curved doesn't necessarily mean round. Curved interiors are one of the biggest trends for this year, so stay ahead of the curve (yes, pun fully intended!) and start finding those curve opportunities now.