Olivia's x Tara Maynard edit

Olivia's x Tara Maynard edit

Tara Maynard is a Chester based Instagram influencer known for her quirky, colourful fashion style and her home and lifestyle content. She has accumulated over 200k followers on her primary style account as well as having success on her home interiors page @inside_springfields and her personal clothing business ‘milana_studios’.
Working closely with Tara, we admire her outgoing personality, vibrant personal style, and her exquisite taste in interior design, which is the Olivia’s elegance we love to see! Her clean-white home aesthetic paired with unique, stand out accent pieces inspired us to create this one-of-a-kind collection, breaking the rules of conventional design to produce an exciting, unexpected mix of stunning room-wear. Shop here to see the full collection

Tara’s home style is luxurious in every sense of the word, with big open room space, she has a lot of areas to play with and create beautiful set ups. Using white as a base colour to her styling allows for accent colours to shine through. We love her use of gold pieces throughout her home which elevates the overall elegant look. The use of eccentric wall art paired with grand, gold furniture and accessories adds an element of curiosity and projects her bold personal style.

1.Vendome beige arm chair 2. Faceby console table 3. Amber apple ornament 4. Arizona cushion 5. Indo white ornament


With such a statement, colourful approach to fashion, her home style is almost the opposite and reflects more of a minimalistic chic style. However, as Tara creates more ongoing content for her home account, we can see the little snippets of her prominent bright aesthetic coming through. She incorporates colour in a way that isn’t over the top maximalist, but a subtle way to have a calming white space that is far from clinical. Accent pieces are everything in this home and each space has its own personal touch.

1. Khadra gold mirror 2. Vienna pendant light 3. Viste cushion 4. Ignacia planter 5. Chanel:The Karl Lagerfeld Campaigns 6. Female torso sculpture 


This collection has been curated by Tara with her personal flair coming through in the chosen items. We love the fresh take on that classy white and gold look and experimenting with more quirky accent pieces that break the boundaries of a long- loved style. Interior design can be as personal as you want it to be and Tara certainly shows that home styling is a way to express your personality and bring various styles together to create a unique space.

1. Space girl silver art work 2. Apulia pillow 3. Adagio pendant light 4. Cara modular sofa 5. Una brown bowl